General store vs. niches store Which is the best? For Dropshipping? and why?

First of all, you have to know what dropshipping is?

In formal sound, dropshipping is like a middleman business. Nowadays, dropshipping is a good business model for entrepreneurs. Cause you can start a business for under $200.

The main part, most of the new drop-shippers, was the mistake they made at the first attempt at dropshipping. Newbies know that most of the products will come from aliexpress. So their subconscious mind thinks that.

What if I make the same copy of aliexpress? It will be great for me.

Wrong thinking!!!

Now you may think why it’s wrong? It’s a great idea! I suppose you might be still wrong. Now let’s clear this thing.

Aliexpress is a multivendor eCommerce platform. This means so many sellers can sell their products at aliexpress if you look aliexpress . You may notice there are so many types of products are being sold.

General store

general store

When we talk about the general store, we think. A general store is a small or rural store that carries an assortment of products. It often carries a wide variety of products, sometimes in a confined space, from which people from out of the town and surrounding countryside come to buy all their general products. In some parts of the country, the word ‘general store’ is used to describe a discount outlet, generally located in the middle of a populated area, where one can buy life necessities at a lower price than from a big city.

In short, When it comes to the online general store, you can imagine aliexpress, Amazon as examples.

Niches store

general store

But Niches store is totally different. For example, you can think about Adidas. This brand is well known for shoes. They only sell shoes. Not like a general store. They don’t sell various products. In short selling, a specific type of product is a niche. And selling that niche product at an eCommerce, so-called a niches store.

Let see the difference between Niches store Vs. General store.

General storeVsNiches store
Minimum 100+Products10-20
Great but not focusedDesign Focused
Hard for beginners because the niche has a high tendency to failBeginner FriendlyEasy to start because products are sold as a brand product.
Stable and long-lastingProfit marginsHigh but depends on trends
Upselling can work. It is a catch and a miss situationUpsellingUpselling is easy with email marketing because everyone is interested in the niche
Traffic for general dropshipping stores isn’t always relevantTrafficGets precise traffic from advertisements
The vs competition between General and Niches store.


I hope this article helped you understand the differences between the two and help you start your dropshipping adventures.

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